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iConnect Social Network for Joomla Events Photos Videos Playlists Statuses Video Chat iConnect is responsived iConnect Social Network for Joomla iConnect Social Network for Joomla iConnect Social Network for Joomla iConnect Social Network for Joomla iConnect Social Network for Joomla iConnect Social Network for Joomla iConnect Social Network for Joomla iConnect Social Network for Joomla iConnect Social Network for Joomla iConnect Social Network for Joomla iConnect Social Network for Joomla
iConnect Social Network for Joomla

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iConnect Delivers All

From Avatars upload option via Web/Mobile Cam or simple photo upload, to Video Chatrooms, with monetizing option for pay-per-chat , Video and Audio Playlists with Most popular modules, iConnect has features you will love, and so much more... Circles, Boards, Events, Video recording via browser...

iConnect Video Support

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iConnect Social Network

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iConnect Paid Content

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Start your own Social Network

iConnect has everything you need to create your own social network or social media site.

  • Profiles

    Profiles are easily customizable and have built-in multiple profile types if you plan on having more than one type of users. For example you can have a certain set of profile fields for artists, and a different set for musicians. Build completely different layouts for each and assign own fields. Possibilities are endless.
  • Activity Stream

    Activity stream makes it easy to see what is happening in real-time. If you wish to see only activity from Followers or those you are Following, specific Circle or just specific Friend - simply choose that filter. Or filter by type, by displaying only Videos, Photos or Active Chatrooms...
  • Video Chat

    Video Chatrooms are really fun. Anyone can create own Chatroom as free or paid to access. Built on WebRTC Peer2Peer technology, it has no load on your server, and no need for expensive dedicated servers. You can run VideoChat on simple shared hosting without a problem.
  • Status Posting

    Posting your Status has never been easier. Add photo, video, file, music or event - choose who are you sharing status with and you're all set.
  • iConnect Hosting

    We have teamed up with Top Notch Server hubs to bring you the best hosting service for less. Pre-built to work flawlessly with Joomla and iConnect, our Hosting packages give you stable environment with ddos protection and our Techs on call when ever you need help with your server. 99% of sites slow loading is due to bad hosting... trust us, we've seen everything. Do check out our Hosting Plans and if you need / want different specs, we'll build a custom plan just for you.
  • Events

    Invite your friends of followers to an event, schedule appointments with clients, create paid events with online ticket purchase or simply create an event for your Circle.
  • Private Messages

    Private messages are always handy when you want to get in touch with someone fast. With instant notification, you will know instantly who is sending you a message or a response to your own. You can easily Tag your message threads, mark as important , add attachments and multiple recipients...
  • Instant Notifications

    Notifications are site-wide alerts on actions that require your attention - like friends Requests, or Chatroom Invitations. Or simply they come handy notifying you of certain actions - like someone inviting you to chat, to an event, following you etc etc
  • Bank

    Banking system makes it easy to track each purchase, transfer, money exchange and/or points exchange to Coins, which are site-wide currency. Naturally, as an optional feature, site owners may choose to create certain pages as pay-per-view. Also, there is an option to allow users to monetize on own posts and earning coins. Site owner decides on shared revenue percentage, so "the Bank" also earns from each transaction... and so much more...
  • Customize as you Wish

    Our feature-rich backend has everything you need to customize your Social Network. From easy Welcome Slider creator , custom styles shaper to building About Me sections.
  • Mobile & Tablet Layout

    Although iConnect layouts are built responsive, there is also optional feature for each of the layouts - build entirely separate layout for Tablets and Mobile devices. No need to overload mobile phones with some features that are flawless on Desktops... so just don't use that element in Mobile layout. Simple as that.
  • More, Lots More

    iConnect is do loaded in features that we can't even list all. With Circles, Boards, Matchups, Gifts and so on and so forth, there is not a single dull moment for your members while iConnecting ;)