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There are really no limitations to what you can do with Tigra's new interface. Unleash your inner designer and make your community stand out.

New Tigra for Jomsocial 3.2 is out

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JomSocial disabled

Dear All,

as you know JomSocial has serious security breach issue, that may cause your site to be hacked.

We have temporarily disabled our JomSocial until we check latest JomSocial patch and update tigra.


Circles is YooZoo application, inspired by Google+ Circles.


Tigra Circles are inspired by Google+ Circles. They offer many features to registered users of your site.

Any user can create as many circles as they want, and create own world withing each Circle.

Adding users to your circles is a breeze. Simply go to JomSocial members list, or your friends list, or anyone's Profile page.
Panel opens by clicking on: Add to circles link

All Circles you have created will be loaded withing the panel, so you can easily add user to any of your circles, and also remove them, if you no longer want them to be a part of your circle.

From Your Circle View you can create many updates (Circle feeds) - Photo, Video, Status, Events, Links...
Your circle members can do the same.

All content is only visible to your Circle members.

Each Circle Feed can be commented on in both Circle view and individual feed view. Ajax commenting is fast and smooth.

Any user - creator of Circle feeds may notify all circle members of their update, as well as Circle owner.
Notification is instant via Jomsocial notification system.

Tigra Circles are two-fold. Any User can track own Circles, as well as be a part of other users' Circles - if those users have naturally added user in question to their circles.

Since your Circles are YOUR Circles, you have complete freedom to add and remove other users from your Circles, at any moment. When uninvited users request permission to be a part of your circles, you can approve or decline their request.

Tigra Circles are both responsive and adaptive. They readjust content based on the container size, so no matter what you add left or right of the component, it will collapse sides and adapt to the device and container width.

Available for JomSocial and EasySocial.



Social Boards - ZooApp

SocialBoard is YooZoo application, inspired by Pinterest.

You saw something that you like, you want to share – do not hesitate this is how and where.

SocialBoards have it all.

SocialBoards Lite

BOARDS, PINS, FOLLOWERS, NOTIFICATIONS... and many awesome features.

Pins have several different layouts
PHOTOS- easy upload via desktop or mobile device

VIDEOS - Connect videos from Youtube for fastest streaming

MUSIC - Stream audio from Youtube

STATUS - Post your status

LINKS - Post link to anything and auto-generated thumb will create nice display

EVENTS - create event with map, image, video...

Check who's following you and follow back.

You can test SocialBoards and Circles HERE with EasySocial.

If that's not enough - integrates awesome with Jomsocial, EasySocial and Community Builder.

from just 49EU



Tigra Demos

Tigra demo sites are being upgraded from  to jomsocial 3...



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